Let our AI predict your unique cycle

Eveline was designed so 21st century parents can fully utilize the tech they already own...a smartphone. We believe additional gadgets and gizmos only complicate matters, and complexity is NOT what most couples on the TTC journey need more of.

Eveline Smart scanner on Smartphone

Making your smartphone even smarter

Eveline transforms your smartphone into a modern fertility guide. We combine LH diagnostic strips with our patented PixoTech®, which allows your phone camera to track LH surges with pinpoint accuracy. The Eveline APP simplifies the recording process while the built-in AI algorithm calculates your ideal timing for intimacy.

Getting on the right path is simple

Our Eveline Ovulation Test contains everything you need to get your journey off to a smooth start.

Download the APP

The Eveline APP serves as the home base for all your planning. Download our app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play and register an account. Fill out the quick survey questions to start calibrating our AI algorithm to your needs.

Eveline App Homescreen
Eveline Ovulation Test Strip

An easy adjustment to your day

The Eveline Ovulation Test is available with 5 to 19 test strips that help build a unique profile of your LH cycle. When it’s time to take a LH reading, all you need to do is add one quick step to your bathroom routine.

Take the strip out of it’s packaging, pop-off the cap, and place the absorbent tip into your urine stream for 5-seconds. A few minutes later you’re ready to get results.

No guesswork, just smartphones

Our patented PixoTech® takes the guesswork out of knowing where you are in the LH cycle. No more wondering how to read an ovulation test. No more blurry lines or holding the strip at just the right angle under the light. And definitely no batteries to replace or inconsistent Bluetooth connections to worry about.

Simply snap the test strip into Eveline smart scanner and line up the result window as directed by the APP. Your phone camera will get the pertinent data and update you within seconds.

Eveline Ovulation Test Analysis
Eveline Fertility Status Notification

Fertility status in a flash

After reading your strip, the Eveline APP will immediately update you on your fertility status. Your result is instantly displayed and automatically recorded by the app. Eveline’s AI algorithm gets to work on pinpointing your upcoming fertile window. Use the calendar view in Eveline to plan your upcoming intimate getaway.

It takes two to tango

When getting a high peak or fertility reading, you can trust Eveline has found your optimal time for conception. Send your status to your partner through the Eveline APP and let him know you are ready to proceed to the fun part of family planning. Because Eveline predicts a fertility window according to your unique cycle, we recommend you enjoy each other’s company for a minimum of five days leading up to your LH peak.

Eveline makes couples happy
Eveline predicts your cycle through AI

Your unique cycles, our AI predicts

The Eveline team developed an AI algorithm that adjusts to your body. By tracking key health metrics along with your LH surge history, Eveline identifies each user’s unique cycle, maximizing the chances of pregnancy. We recommend using Eveline over multiple cycles, so the AI algorithm becomes even more targeted on your peak fertility window.

Our system reminds you when to take the ovulation test, so you don’t have to worry about developing new habits in your already full schedule. The AI algorithm calculates when and how often you should test, then notifies you gently. Simply use the test strips once you get notified and Eveline will take care of the rest.

Selecting the right guide for your TTC journey

We combined the best in science and technology with a user friendly experience. No additional devices except for your smartphone are required. Automatic test result recording and reminders. Best of all, Eveline’s AI algorithm that understands your unique situation and predicts your fertility windows accurately.


Understanding Fertility

Would you like to know a bit more about how tracking LH can lead to faster pregnancy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click here to understand how the science behind our technology works.

User Guide

Are you interested in learning how to use Eveline in more detail? Download our user manual and get clear insights on how to integrate Eveline Ovulation Test into your daily routine.

Eveline leverages Pixotech technology

Seeing the road ahead with PixoTech®

Eveline’s core technology utilizes the PixoTech® developed by Eveline’s parent company, iXensor Co., Ltd. PixoTech® converts mobile devices into In Vitro Diagnostic Medical tools by allowing the smartphone camera to detect color changes in biochemical test strips. These test strips can indicate a variety of biomarker measurements found in urine or blood samples. PixoTech® is innovating the way the health industry monitors diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, women’s health issues and infectious diseases.

iXensor’s PixoTech® is patented in over 20 major countries including the USA, Germany, EU, Japan, China, and India.