An Insightful Telehealth Solution for Personalized Fertility Consultation

Offer a more comprehensive and personalized consulting experience to your patients and help them succeed on their fertility journey

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Enable comprehensive and personalized fertility consultation

Provide data-based and customized fertility advice to your clients, help them discover their unique cycle patterns and enable them to conceive successfully

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Gain insight out of individual hormone profile

Hormone profile chart - combining BBT and LH detection results with 99% accuracy

Bring telehealth into full practice for your clinic

Support your patients with timely ovulation test data and recorded symptoms despite the distance

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Eveline‧Care gives patients a better understanding of their hormonal patterns and makes the communication with doctors more straightforward. The feedback we are getting from patients is very encouraging.

Mei-Chao Hsu, M.D., Director at
Sumay’s Medical Clinic (Taichung, Taiwan)

Eveline‧Care allows us to remotely monitor IUI patients’ hormonal levels, so we can make sure they don’t miss their appointments in case they ovulate earlier than expected. Our patients feel more confident knowing that their doctors are always monitoring their IUI procedure and thereby ensuring a higher success rate.

Yi-Pin Li, Director of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Center at
Shin Kong Wu Huo-Shih Memorial Hospital (Taipei, Taiwan)

Through Eveline‧Care, we can track patients' status and customize treatments individually. It makes our fertility service more efficient and the patients' lives more convenient.

Pei-Zhen Lin, Senior Director at
Li-Xiang-Han-Lin Chinese Medicine Clinic (Taipei, Taiwan)