A holistic fertility service that helps you get pregnant faster

By joining Eveline‧Care, you can authorize your gynecologists to access your records on the Eveline app. All you need to do is simply - using Eveline without leaving the house and access fertility care from anywhere.

Customized and comprehensive fertility treatment

Designated doctors can monitor fertility data you enter in the Eveline app in real time and hence provide comprehensive consultation.

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Time-saving and seamless consultancy from home

Eveline‧Care allows you to have frequent virtual checkups instead of time-consuming in-person office visits by recording and sharing their fertility data from the comfort and safety of home.

Take control of your fertility data

You control whether a consultant can be granted access to your fertility data, and there is also the option to revoke access to your fertility data.

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Record it and forget it

Having the fertility symptoms already recorded in the Eveline app would both minimize recall bias during the consultation and significantly speed up the process. Your specialists can have more time to create a holistic fertility treatment plan based on reliable data.


Eveline‧Care gives patients a better understanding of their hormonal patterns and makes the communication with doctors more straightforward. The feedback we are getting from patients is very encouraging.

Mei-Chao Hsu, M.D., Director at
Sumay’s Medical Clinic (Taichung, Taiwan)

Through Eveline‧Care, we can track patients' status and customize treatments individually. It makes our fertility service more efficient and the patients' lives more convenient.

Pei-Zhen Lin, Senior Director at
Li-Xiang-Han-Lin Chinese Medicine Clinic (Taipei, Taiwan)

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