Eveline's story began with a monthly ritual around the dining table

It began with a monthly ritual around the dining room table.

Starting Together

Under the table lights, Eveline’s co-founder and his wife, Carson and Joyce, would spread a calendar and notebooks across the table to begin calculating. After gathering the advice of several doctors, friends, and family members on the best way to conceive, many months had gone by with no result. Like many modern couples, Carson and Joyce had spent their 20s and 30s pursuing promising careers, and placed growing the family on hold.

Early Frustrations

After several months of trying to keep daily temperature recordings, calculating ovulation windows, and unsuccessfully interpreting blurry pink links, Carson and Joyce wavered between moving on to more complicated measures like IVF or continuing the frustration of less modern means.

Eveline's founders, Carson and Joyce
Maxine - The first Eveline baby

Overcoming Obstacles

Eveline first came to life as a side project. Carson had recently founded a biotech company, iXensor, to convert phone cameras into an In Vitro Diagnostic Medical tool. Along with his co-founders, Jerry and Alan, iXensor had already successfully developed a modern way to monitor diabetes. Applying that scientific and technical experience to Carson’s current problem made sense. After developing a rough version of the product, Carson and Joyce were blessed with their first child, a beautiful daughter - Maxine.

Passing on Joy

After Joyce and Carson receiving their good news, Carson and his co-founders decided to refine their rough prototype into something that can help couples around the world. Eveline was born out of Carson’s love for his wife and child, and now through Eveline 100s of couples have known the same joy.