Eveline.Care enables telehealth supported fertility consulting to help women conceive safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic

By November 5, 2020 No Comments doctor

Global fertility rates are dropping at alarming rates and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is making the situation even worse.

Estimates for the US alone assume that up to 500’000 babies won’t be born in 2021 because of it. More than a third of women delay or entirely avoid having babies now due health concerns and economic uncertainty.

As a consequence of this baby bust, many countries will face shrinking populations, eventually leading to societies with inverted age structures that threaten social security systems.

Despite the grim economic outlook, there remains a significant number of women who are trying to conceive, but are not able to because of infertility issues. According to the CDC, over 13% of women aged 15-49 in the USA suffer from impaired fertility.

Secondary infertility, the inability to have a second baby, is another often overlooked issue. While 2% of American women are experiencing hardship with primary fertility, the rate for secondary infertility is more than double that and reaches a terrifying 20% in some parts of Europe.

How Eveline.Care can help
Eveline.Care combines Eveline’s Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) with a back-end system that enables fertility professionals to seamlessly access their patients’ recorded ovulation test data. This allows doctors to remotely monitor a patient’s fertility condition and provide comprehensive consultation to help women conceive faster from the safety of their homes.

Eveline’s OPK leverages the user’s smartphone front camera to analyze ovulation test strips and then uses the AI-powered Eveline app to accurately predict up to 7 fertile days per cycle.

Users are conveniently reminded through personalized notifications when their fertility status reaches its peak, so that they never miss the perfect time to conceive.

But that’s not all. With the newly introduced Eveline.Care service, the Eveline OPK turns into a telehealth-enabled fertility monitoring system.

How does Eveline.Care work?
Eveline users authorize participating fertility professionals of their choice access to the fertility data they are recording in the Eveline App. Such data includes their luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, basal body temperature readings (BBT), mood, diet and daily symptoms.

The fertility professional can then remotely monitor the tracked data in real-time and provide personalized fertility advice to the patients through telehealth.

In-person practice visits can thus be significantly reduced, resulting in time-savings and minimized exposure to potential viral infections like Covid-19.

Eveline.Care also enables fertility consultants to help women suffering from irregular periods and PCOS by facilitating the diagnosis through the precise LH level data that is recorded in the backend.

This allows patients to manage their condition better and ultimately improve their chances of conceiving.


Eveline Care LH Graph

How Eveline.Care facilitates IUI
Another use case of Eveline.Care lies in supporting Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatments. For a successful IUI procedure, the right timing is crucial. Latter can either be determined by an ultrasound monitoring of the follicular growth or by detecting the LH surge through urinary testing.

According to recent research, both methods offer similar effectiveness in terms of achieved pregnancy rates. However, the LH surge detection method that is enabled by Eveline.Care allows for more convenience for the patient as it can be done conveniently from the comfort of her home.

Once the LH surge happens, the participating doctor is automatically notified through the Eveline.Care backend and then invites the patient to visit for the IUI procedure.This reduces the risk that the patient misses her appointment and can increase the chance of a successful IUI treatment.

Eveline.Care comes at no additional cost for the patient. All that is required is having the Eveline OPK and a participating medical professional. Our service also safeguards the user’s privacy as the data shared with the fertility consultant can be withdrawn by the patient at any time.