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Story Contributor: Yi-Fen

Having children has always been our biggest wish. My husband and I started dating in 2016. Ever since then, we have tried to have a child.

I never thought it would be so hard to get pregnant. We tried 5 years in total. Now is finally our turn to share the good news.

If it wasn’t Eveline OPK, we are probably still in the middle of our TTC journey.


Didn’t know that it’s so hard to get pregnant

Ever since we started dating, it was clear that we want to build a family together. Thus, we didn’t use any protection and thought that would bring us the first child naturally.

However, years went by but there was no sign of being pregnant.

It was when I started to realize how difficult it was to conceive and look up a lot of information on the internet. To my surprise, there is basically only one day to get pregnant in every menstrual cycle! No wonder we were not pregnant at all.

Ever since I understood how important it is to find your fertile window, I tried to use many methods such as using a period calendar app, ovulation test, taking basal body temperature, etc. All the methods were applied yet still no sign of getting pregnant at all.


The game-changer: Eveline OPK

We were recommended to use Eveline Digital Ovulation Test by my gynecologist. It seems quite easy to use and the reviews look good on the online shop, so we figured why not give it a shot. And guess what? It was totally the GAME-CHANGER!

The Eveline app automatically records your menstrual cycle and predicts your ovulation window. It will then remind you to take an ovulation test when your fertile window is approaching.

The test is also easy to use. Simply follow the instructions and your phone camera will read your ovulation test result. It definitely makes the whole TTC process less stressful.


Got pregnant within a month after using Eveline OPK

After using Eveline OPK, we finally put an end to our five-year TTC journey. Eveline helped us to find our “peak” day, and we were got pregnant the next month!

It was really touching and emotional when we finally met our baby on the ultrasound.


Thank you, Eveline!

We feel very lucky to conceive within one month after I started using Eveline OPK. If we hadn’t met Eveline OPK, we were probably still trying to get pregnant. We feel really grateful to end the TTC journey and to enjoy parenthood now.

We would like to take this opportunity to recommend the Eveline OPK to those who are trying to get pregnant. You won’t regret it!

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Photos provided by Yin-Fen