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Story Contributor: Sarah

My name is Sarah and I live in Taipei, Taiwan. I got married to my husband in May 2020. I am now 27 and my husband is 42. Since we both wanted to have a baby and he is older, we decided to start preparing for pregnancy right away after we got married. A few months of trying later, we are very happy to be pregnant with twins in my belly!

Although our pregnancy story almost sounds too good to be true, we were actually super lucky because we came across Eveline. It turned out to be an invaluable helper that successfully guided us across our fertility journey.

How I almost missed my ovulation day
I have always used calculator apps to record my periods and my menstrual cycle is usually quite regular. After I started preparing for pregnancy, we had sex according to the estimated ovulation date on the app, but we didn’see any success for months.

Later on, a friend recommended me to use Eveline, apparently a smart ovulation test that can be used with a smartphone and then shows your ovulation status directly on the included app.

At that time, I thought, “Huh? Do I really need that?” I felt that the app I was already using was accurate enough for me.

In August, said app estimated my ovulation date to be August 9th, so we had sex on that day, and out of curiosity, I also used the Eveline OPK on that date.

The Eveline test is very convenient to use, you can directly pee on the test strip, and then your phone can directly read your ovulation status through the camera lens. The app interface is also very simple to understand.

The original ovulation date predicted by the calculator app was August 9th. However, the Eveline app showed “low” for my fertility status on that same day.

For August 11th it predicted a “peak”, though. That convinced me that we had to “do the homework” again even though we already had sex on August 9th.

My husband wasn’t particularly motivated to go for it at first as he was feeling a bit ill on that day. Because of Eveline’s peak forecast, I managed to convince him otherwise and that led to me getting pregnant with twins! If it wasn’t for Eveline, we most likely would have lost this chance.

Got pregnant by using Eveline OPK once!

I didn’t expect that this attempt would lead to a successful pregnancy so quickly. Even my friend who recommended Eveline to me was shocked.

She was just following up with me about my experience of using Eveline when I told her I already got pregnant.

At that time, I didn’t know that I was pregnant with a pair of twins because at the beginning of my prenatal visit, there was only a small embryo.

We felt very happy already, especially my husband since he is much older than me.

We never thought that when we went back for the next prenatal visit, the embryo had split into two embryos, that is, twins, which was totally unexpected and made us feel very grateful.

However, up until now, their gender is still a mystery, and it changes all the time! At the very beginning, the doctor told us they were boys, and we were a little disappointed (we want girls lol), but then we went back for the second visit and the doctor said they seemed to be girls, which made my mood change.

Thank you, Eveline, for helping us know when it’s peak time!
I am so grateful that my friend recommended us to use Eveline at the right time.

While using a regular calculator app to predict my ovulation can give me a rough idea about the timing, having a smarter tool like Eveline to help me confirm the actual time of ovulation is so much better.

It helped me make sure not to miss my golden conception window. I don’t know how long it would have taken for my bundles of joy to arrive, otherwise.

I’m still getting used to having two babies in my belly, but it’s new and interesting every day.

The babies are growing so fast. They were just so tiny at the beginning, but every time we see them on the ultrasound images, they already grew so much bigger.

They are now almost the size of a pear, it feels so amazing and I wish them all good. We are looking forward to the day we see them and we wish that all of you who are trying to get pregnant can have your own good news soon.

Update: The twins are here!
We are excited to let you know that Sarah has given birth to two healthy and adorable baby girls in the beginning of April 2021. On top of that, she got to celebrate her first’s mother’s day. The Eveline team wishes Sarah and her young family all the best and will continue to support women in TTC on their fertility journeys.

Eveline Twin Babies

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