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Dear Eve,

I am so elated and filled with happiness as I type this message. I cannot thank you enough for being a beacon of light when my husband and I are feeling hopeless after so many failed attempts to conceive. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am that I got to know you and I wish I’ve known about you sooner.

Owen and I got married on July 28, 2017. I was over the moon as we can start building our own family. As newlyweds, we’re excited about the things to come, especially having our own little bundle of joy.

However, it’s not as easy as I thought…

Is there something wrong with me?

Six months passed and I haven’t conceived yet. I got so frustrated that I started thinking there must be something wrong with my body. I was regularly having my monthly period and I track it using a calendar app.

On February 2018, my husband and I decided to consult a fertility doctor and had ourselves checked. The doctor said I don’t have problems with my reproductive system, I don’t have hormonal imbalance, and my husband’s sperm count is also good.

She suggested we track my fertile and peak periods so we can determine the best time for baby making. She also recommended an ovulation tracker or monitor that’s equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to help us detect my LH surge.

False hopes and everyday frustrations

In our desperation, we decided to follow her suggestions and even bought a set of the ovulation tracker on Amazon, with the hope it can help us.

After using it for six months, we decided to stop because while it would always say I’m at my peak, we still ended up disappointed.

There were also instances when the Bluetooth connection and the app won’t stick, resulting in unclear results. It’s a crappy tracker and we wasted money on something that gave me false hopes.

It made me more impatient. It’s been a year and a month since Owen and I got married yet there’s still only the two of us.

We had doubts and even asked ourselves maybe we’re doing it wrong or our timing isn’t right. I was devastated and frustrated, like my dream of getting pregnant and being a mom seemed so impossible. I felt useless and incomplete.

Whenever I feel like giving up, Owen would always assure me that God has His own plans and we should not lose hope…we’ll have our little bundle of joy sooner or later.

A beacon of light

One day, while my sister-in-law–Anna and I were talking, she asked when we are going to have a baby. She mentioned about Eveline digital ovulation tracker that her friend Melissa used which helped her conceive in just a month.

I, with bad experience on ovulation tracker, especially digital ones, was not interested at all. I told her that we also used an ovulation tracker for 6 months yet nothing happened. Maybe, Melissa’s case was just a coincidence.

Anna insisted that it’s a different ovulation tracker and that we should give it a shot. She told me she’d purchase a starter kit she’ll give to me as a post-wedding anniversary gift.

Starting over again

I was convinced to try the Eveline Ovulation Tracker and I started using it on September 2018. I was not fully expecting that it can help me, but at the back of my mind, I’m hoping that this will be the answer to all my prayers and that my dream of being a mom will finally be fulfilled.. I was hopeless yet I will try for one last time…just this once.

I enjoyed using it, the app was so easy to download in my Android phone. The test strips are not messy and the waiting time for the result is only 5 minutes. It also has no problem with connectivity since there is no need for Bluetooth connection because the test strip is being scanned by the phone’s camera using the clip scanner being attached to the phone. After scanning the test strip, it will show whether I am at my peak or not. It also has a reminder for performing the test so you will not miss any fertile nor peak periods!

What’s amazing and mind-blowing is that whenever I am at my peak, it can send a reminder to my husband that it is a perfect time for baby making! It’s so cool that even Owen gets fond of it.

And then the magic happened…

On November 24, 2018, my period was delayed for two weeks.. I was having second thoughts about taking a pregnancy test in fear of having another false alarm.

Though I was nervous and was feeling a lot of emotions, I took a pregnancy test and guess what????? It had these two pink lines! It’s POSITIVE!!!! I can’t believe it! I was so happy that I cried after seeing those! After recovering from the happiness I’m feeling, I took another test, and another–and all 10 tests showed POSITIVE results.

I was crying and I cannot wait to tell Owen the good news that after 1 year and 4 months of trying, we’re FINALLY PREGNANT!

I am now complete!

I gave birth to our bundle of joy on July 10, 2019, just in time for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

I cannot express the happiness I felt when I first saw my baby girl, my princess. We named her Hope, to remind us how we remained hopeful despite going through failed attempts at conceiving a child. My heart is filled with so much joy and love that I cannot contain it.

Your time is yet to come

To all my TTC sisters who are feeling hopeless and tired of trying, don’t lose hope. There is a perfect time for everything and I can say that because our time has come and it was worth the wait.. Everything was worth it…the frustrations…the disappointments…the hopelessness …the pain of waiting. I’ve been there and Hope serves as my testimonial.

“Thank you Eve and I hope that more and more of our TTC sisters will find their way to you to end the agony of waiting for their own bundle of joy.”

With hope and love,