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What is Eveline·Care?

Eveline‧Care is a newly launched fertility telehealth service that connects Eveline users with fertility specialists in the Eveline‧Care network.

These experts can remotely monitor their patients’ fertility health and offer advice directly through the new fertility telehealth platform — all without the patient ever leaving their homes. By minimizing the communication gap between provider and user, Eveline‧Care has great potential to significantly improve fertility outcomes and help women get pregnant faster.

Access fertility care from anywhere

By joining Eveline·Care and using the Eveline app, you can receive fertility advice instantly from a specialist without leaving your house. Essentially, the Eveline·Care telehealth service saves you a trip to the doctor’s office by virtually connecting you with a dedicated fertility specialist.

Furthermore, the telehealth platform would allow for uninterrupted fertility care both during and beyond the Covid-19 era.

Additionally, the convenience of Eveline·Care’s fertility telehealth service may lead to users having more frequent check-ups, which translates to potentially better fertility outcomes in the long term.

Let a fertility specialist see your results in real time

For users who join Eveline·Care, all fertility data entered in the Eveline app will be automatically shared, in real time, with the user’s chosen fertility specialist.

Designated doctors can monitor these results as soon as users enter their health information, such as luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, daily basal body temperature, mood, diet, and other relevant health symptoms.

What this means is that Eveline·Care users can rest assured that their doctors are receiving the most updated fertility data to be able to deliver relevant and timely fertility advice.

Get the full fertility treatment experience

A major advantage of storing your fertility data all in one place is that it presents a  more thorough view of your fertility health over time.

This way, doctors can create an accurate and comprehensive treatment plan to help you get pregnant faster. Another benefit to having your health data stored in one place is that you can easily allow another specialist in the Eveline·Care network access to all the same information without any additional work on your end.

By storing your fertility results in the Eveline app, you can benefit from continuity of care and a holistic fertility experience to increase your chances of conceiving.

Take control of your fertility data

When you join Eveline·Care, you control whether a consultant can be granted access to your fertility data.

If you decide to get a second opinion or try a different doctor within the network, you can simply do so by granting authorization to another fertility specialist. There is also the option to revoke access to your fertility data altogether.

Record it and forget it

One problem that patients often encounter when consulting with their doctors is difficulty remembering the timeline of their symptoms or feeling rushed when doing so.

Given the limited amount of time that providers have to spend with patients, there is pressure on both parties to make the process of recording the patients’ symptoms, assessing their health status and creating treatment plans to be as efficient as possible without compromising quality of care.

For these reasons, having the fertility symptoms already recorded in the Eveline app would both minimize recall bias during the consultation and significantly speed up the process so that specialists can have more time to create a holistic fertility treatment plan based on reliable data.

Receive fertility advice specific to you

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of being a part of the Eveline·Care service is receiving personalized fertility advice that’s specific to you.

If your symptoms happen to be more unique or if you suffer from any health conditions that could potentially influence your chances of getting pregnant, having a fertility specialist on hand to offer you customized medical advice becomes even more important.

For example, if you need advice on how to get pregnant with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a specialist from the Eveline·Care network with access to your health data would be able to help manage your condition and identify the best time for you to conceive.

Similarly, if you’re wondering whether you can still get pregnant with irregular periods or other ovulatory disorders, a fertility expert with real-time access to your LH levels and pattern of symptoms would be able to tailor a treatment plan to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

The Eveline·Care fertility telehealth service can be especially helpful for women undergoing specific fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), where the timing of the procedure in relation to ovulation is crucial.

Since the LH surge is one of the biggest indicators of when ovulation will occur, being able to detect this as soon as it happens is paramount for maximizing chances of conceiving. Even a short delay in recognizing this LH surge can narrow the window for successful conception.

By leveraging real-time data synchronization, as soon as the system detects a surge in a patient’s LH levels, the patient’s designated physician will be instantly notified through the Eveline·Care platform and can quickly schedule the patient for an IUI procedure.

Ultimately, a fertility specialist in the Eveline·Care network can analyze your health data in the right context depending on whether you have an underlying condition such as PCOS or are undergoing certain fertility treatments, e.g., IUI.

How do I get started with Eveline·Care? 

Assuming you’re already using the Eveline digital ovulation predictor kit and recording results in the Eveline app (iOSandroid), you can take your fertility journey one step further by joining Eveline·Care.

The process for joining is easy and involves simply scanning a QR code. Whatever you choose to record will then be shared with your designated fertility consultant who can monitor your fertility status and help provide you with personalized fertility advice to help you get pregnant faster.