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Story Contributor: Jessica

Getting pregnant has always been our biggest wish.

We always thought that getting pregnant is easy and effortless. However, it isn’t easy at all, at least not for us.

We tried to conceive for three years, and finally, finally, we got pregnant after using Eveline OPK!

I am Jessica, and I am more than happy to share our stories with those who are wishing for a baby. I hope our experience can provide you with a shortcut to getting pregnant.


Tried to conceive naturally for 1 year, yet the baby didn’t come naturally

In the first year of our marriage, we already planned to have a baby.

We were still young back then and didn’t know anything about calculating ovulation dates. We just had unprotected sex and thought this is how every baby comes naturally to the world.

After a year of trying, there was no sign of getting pregnant. This is when I started to feel frustrated.

Whenever being asked why I don’t have a child, I always answered “It will come naturally. I didn’t get married to have a baby!”

But the truth is, I want to have a child more than anyone else.

We started to realize that if we want to get pregnant, we should have a plan. We have to know when is the right time — when do I ovulate.


Bring them on!

Basal body temperature & ovulation test kit

I started to read information about trying to conceive. I learned that if I want to get pregnant, I need to know when it’s “peak time,” which means I need to find my ovulation day.

In order to find the fertile window, I bought a thermometer and ovulation test kits. These are some well-known methods to find your ovulation date, and thus increase the chance of getting pregnant.


Nutrition & Sports

Except for finding my fertile window, I also had my body prepared as a great environment for getting pregnant.

I started a healthier diet. I tried my best to consume more nutrition, such as multivitamins, fish oil, probiotics, etc.

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Furthermore, I also built up a new exercise habit. During the time of trying to conceive, I exercised for 30 minutes every day.

Everything I did was hoping that I could get pregnant more easily.


Tried out Eveline OPK

I read a lot about how to get pregnant every day, so I am no stranger to the Eveline OPK. There is much information on ovulation test kits, and Eveline always catches my eyes.

Different from other ovulation test kits, Eveline OPK provides precise ovulation test results that are simply read by the mobile front camera. There is no need to read the TC line by yourself.

I decided to give Eveline a try after a friend recommended it to me. She was also using Eveline to find her “peak time” back then. She recommended it a lot and kept sharing how great and fun her experience was.

Little did we know back then, this pack of Eveline would be the key to our precious baby.


Got pregnant within one pack of Eveline!

Eveline doesn’t only provide easy-to-use digital ovulation strips, but also an app to help me record my menstrual cycle and ovulation test results. It then predicts your ovulation window and sends reminders of taking an ovulation test. It’s such a relief for lazy people like me.

It’s also a lot of fun to use, the test result comes with a cute face, letting you and your partners know whether tonight is the peak time;)

It makes the experience easier and more enjoyable.

I used about 3 test strips a month. To our surprise, before we even used up one pack of Eveline, WE WERE PREGNANT!!!

It has been a longer journey than we ever expected. We waited for the baby for 3 years. I feel extremely grateful to be a mother now.

If I could travel back to the time we started trying, I would definitely tell myself the importance of ovulation. In that way, we could have taken fewer wrong turns.

Thanks a lot of Eveline OPK. It has been the biggest help during our 3 years TTC journey. Thank you so much for making everything so simple and precise.

Eveline really knows when it’s peak time! I truly recommend it to everyone who is trying to conceive.


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