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For detailed instructions on how to user Eveline, please refer to our user manual.

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Do I have to use all the testing strips?

Of course not! If you like, you can stop testing as soon as you’ve detected the luteinizing hormone (LH) spike signalling ovulation. You can then save your remaining strips for use in your next cycle (if you need to).

How accurate is the test?

The test has proven 99% accurate in detecting the LH hormone surge, detecting levels as low as 25mlU/ml.

I have been using the test, and I haven’t detected an LH surge. What’s next?

The number of included tests is enough to detect the LH surge in most women, but everyone is different. It’s not uncommon to not actually ovulate every cycle, and thus not produce a surge. If you’re concerned by your results, talk with your doctor.

Do any medical conditions or drugs affect the test results?

Some do. A recent pregnancy, abortion, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), untreated hypothyroidism, and early signs of menopause can all decrease the reliability of the test at detecting the LH surge and fertile days. So can fertility drugs containing LH itself, or others containing human chorionic gonadotrophin. You should check with your doctor about when it is appropriate to begin testing if you are taking clomiphene citrate, or if you have any other concerns about changes to the test from your medical status.

Will a history of oral contraceptive use affect the results?

It can. If you have only recently stopped taking the pill, it can take some time for your hormonal cycles to normalize. You should wait to have two normal periods before starting to use the test.

Since it tells me when I’m fertile, can I use Eveline as a contraceptive?

No. Sperm can survive for several days in the reproductive tract, and so sex outside your fertile days can still result in pregnancy.

When should I collect urine for the test?

Consistency and ease are most important, provided you follow a few guidelines. Don’t use your first urine after waking. Some women find their best results come from a consistent time after noon.

Does the amount of liquid I drink affect the result?

Drinking a lot will produce dilute urine, including diluting any LH present, which might affect results. We suggest you avoid drinking in the two hours before your test.

How long should I continue to perform the test?

The Eveline app will predict seven fertile days for you each month, and will remind you to begin testing when that first day arrives. Keep testing during these seven days, or at least until the app has reported your ‘peak’ LH levels. When the app detects ‘high’ levels, we recommend increasing testing frequency to every four hours until the peak is registered.

Is the test reusable?

No. Hang on to your Eveline clip (and your phone), but throw away each test strip when you’re done.

My ovulation date is really hard to track. Can you help?

Absolutely—that’s what we’re here for! You input your average cycle days, and our app will remind you to start testing when our smart software has a good guess when five fertile days are going to begin. The tests will help you zero in on your LH surge, and peak fertility, even if your cycle is sometime irregular. The ten included tests are usually enough to find five fertile days.